Monday, August 20, 2012

introducing: peewee

I've been thinking of getting a Pocket WiFi for the longest time. Every once in a while, I'd search eBay, but the prices always range from 4,000 to 6,000 pesos, which is way too high for my budget. So when I saw one on CD-R King a couple of weeks ago, a 3G Pocket WiFi for only P2,880 (still a bit pricey for me, but compared to the others I saw on eBay, this is the lesser evil), I decided to get one.

When I left for Cebu, we had our DSL line disconnected since I'm the only one who uses the internet (my Dad emails, but very seldom, so it's no use paying P899 monthly to keep our connection active). I had to make do with a USB broadband stick (it's Globe-locked but I searched the net on how to unlock it so I can use a Sun sim), and it's been a bane for me because I can only use my laptop, not JJ (my phone, I call him JJ, short for John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt) or my iPod. I need them to post on Instagram and to use Viber, so I've been itching for a WiFi connection.

At first, I was kinda hesitant to buy one, because once I bought something from them and it didn't work as well as I hoped, it broke after several uses. And I don't want to take chances with this, because it the same thing happens, that's P2,880 I'll never get back. But want need prevails, and I got one for myself.

I had problems with it at first, and I kept going back and harassing the technician. I thought he was able to fix what was wrong, since it finally worked when we tried it. So when I got back to Cebu and was excited to use it so I can surf the web on JJ, I was frustrated to discover that it won't work again. I thought the signal was just weak, so I inserted it on my USB stick thinking I won't be able to surf the net, but lo and behold, the connection was fast!

So the following day, armed with my Pocket WiFi, the box and its contents, the receipt, and my righteous anger, I went to Robinson's Fuente to complain about it. The technician took over an hour figuring out what was wrong, he even replaced the unit with a new one, but to no avail. He then told me that my sim card wasn't 3G-able, and to get a new one, a 3G one. I was disappointed, but I profusely thanked him for his time and effort, not many techs will go the lengths he did, and I really appreciated it.

Then I went to the Sun Shop, got in line, and asked the cashier if they're selling sim cards. She didn't know anything about the so-called 3G sim cards, though, so she referred me to their customer service. I had to get a number and wait, which sucked, because my number was 101 and the last number they called was 92. I had a long wait.

But i didn't wait in vain, though. when it was my turn, I relayed my problems, and turns out I had the right sim card, but the configurations were all wrong. So the guy at Sun did it all, and when we tested it, it finally worked!

I'm finally able to use PeeWee, as I call it, everywhere I go. I just turn it on, connect to the net, and surf all I want using JJ and my iPod. I even used it on the ship when I came home last Thursday night. Sure does make my internet surfing easier.

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