Friday, August 31, 2012

that was one hell of an earthquake!

So if you're updated on the current news, you'd know that a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit the Philippines tonight (read all about it here). And since a tsunami alert level 3 has been issued, a lot of families near the coast are evacuating to higher ground.

This has got to be the strongest and longest earthquake I've felt. I've never been more scared in my life.

I was standing in front of our kitchen cabinet that's full of glassware (plates, glasses, bowls, etc.) when it started. It wasn't that strong so I stayed where I was, and then when it got stronger, I was too scared to move. I guess it's true, when faced with adversity, we're ingrained with two responses: fight or flight. And since I just stood there, frozen in front of a cabinet that could fall down on me, I guess, in this case, mine's flight.

After the quake we checked our house for damage. Thank God no one was hurt. A lot of stuff fell, but thankfully nothing much was broken. Just a bottle of Lysol from our store, and figurine/frame. Now this made me sad. It was a small figure of a nurse, and on the face is a picture frame. I inserted a cut out of my face on it, so the figurine nurse looks like me. It was a gift from my Mom when I graduated college (obviously I took up Nursing), and it fell off from my bookshelf. It got decapitated. =( I'm hoping I can still fix it with Mighty Bond, or SuperGlue, or whatever.

A frame of our Lord Jesus Christ lay facedown on our altar, but nothing fell, and nothing got broken.

Anyway, it gave us all a scare, but I'm really thankful that nobody was hurt. Thank you, God.

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