Tuesday, August 28, 2012

rain, rain, if you stay..

..I would be in bed all day!

Normally, I love the rain. Nothing beats running around and jumping on puddles with the rain beating hard on your back. Or, if one prefers to stay indoors, a warm cup of coffee (though I prefer tea), a good book (or an awesome movie), and someone to cuddle with.

When I commute home from school, I take a jeepney and get off at Robinsons Fuente. From there I walk several blocks to my place.

While on my way home this afternoon, I was feeling a little hungry so I stopped by 7 Eleven for a sandwich and a Slurpee. I could hear thunder rumbling from a distance, and when I stepped out of the store, it was starting to drizzle. Thinking I still have time, I started walking home. After a block, the drizzle became more than that, and after another block, it started to pour. I didn’t mind getting wet, so I kept walking.

Then it got worse.

I got stranded on the corner of a block with two men. I chatted with them while waiting for the rain to let up. After five minutes or slow, the rain started to slow down, and I saw my chance. I said goodbye to them, and left.

It was still pouring, but since I was already wet, I thought, “why not?” By the time I got home, I was soaking wet. I would’ve enjoyed it more if I wasn’t in a hurry to get my bag out of the rain. All my stuffs are inside, and I was afraid it would get wet, especially JJ and my iPod. Thank goodness my bag is kinda waterproof.

People were staring at me while I was walking home (probably because I was the only one brave stupid enough to walk under the pouring rain without an umbrella), but I didn’t care. I walked briskly, passing by those who decided to take shelter and overtaking those with umbrellas and can afford to walk at a more sedate pace.

The sad thing is, I overtake a lot of those people, and no one even offered to share their umbrella.

Normally, I love the rain. But not when it comes unexpectedly while I'm walking home, without an umbrella.

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