Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a 5-day break from my monotonous life

I'm very much looking forward to my Mom's convention at Fontana this weekend. My life is nothing but boring these days; I spend most of my time at home watching DVDs and part-timing as a cashier at our pharmacy (with no pay, sucks). So far I've finished 10 seasons of Friends (how ya doin'?), 4 seasons of How I Met Your Mother (awesome!), 2 seasons of The Nanny (oooh Mr. Sheffield..), Season 2 of Private Practice (Dell is ♥). I'm currently going through 8 seasons of Charmed and 5 seasons of CSI: NY. Each day is just a mirror image of yesterday, except for a few times wehre I get to hang out with my friends.

I hate monotony, and I hate being idle, but really, I have no other choice. I can't keep going out, because I'm broke. My portable DVD player's my current bestfriend. That, and my iPod touch. Where would I be without them? I can't buy books, because as I've mentioned, I'm broke. So I also can't do the one thing I really love - read. I'm currently reading Sherlock Holmes through my iTouch - I found this free app at the iTunes store - but it's not the same as holding a book and flicking through the pages as you read.

So you can only imagine how excited I am about having a vacation. I just have to figure out how to commute from Fontana, Pampanga to Manila. I only know how to commute within Manila, outside of it, man, I'm doomed. But then, I'm sure there are lots of buses there, I'll just ride one that's going to the direction of Manila, right? I'll just think of it as an adventure.

I'm bunking in with my girl Anj while I'm there, coz I don't wanna stay with my aunt seeing as I'm still mad at her for what she did. I've always said to let bygones be bygones, and normally I don't hold grudges, but this is really a huge deal for me and I still can't find myself forgiving her.

Anyway, back to the topic. Gaia will also be staying over at Anj's, so it'll be a mini reunion for us 3. We haven't seen each other for months, and I miss those two! We'll spend the whole Sunday together. They both have work on Monday, so I'll just have to fend for myself then. Which is just fine.

Another thing to get excited about is that I'd finally get to meet Krissy this Monday (I hope)! We met in Sigaw some 3 or 4 years ago, and we've been good friends since, but we've never seen each other in person. We've made plans before, but somehow it didn't pan out. I'm hoping this time, it would.

I just can't wait :)

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