Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NAIA's WiFi sucks

But I'm using it anyway.

Our plane leaves at 3:40 PM, we arrived at the airport before 12 noon. I had a lot of time to kill, and I'm getting restless and bored as hell.

I have this disturbing twisted desire to be late for a flight, even just once. I wish for my name to be announced, people would here "Last call for passenger Renebelle Yao, please board at gate S4 immediately." And people would be like, "Who's Renebelle?" Then they'd see me running toward the boarding area, all panicky and frantic, but still awesome, and they'd be like, "Oh, her."

Awesome, isn't it? :)

On a different note, all those HIMYM marathons for me hooked on the word Awesome. It's like I have to use it to describe everything, and I have to use it in every sentence I formulate.

I wish I could fast forward time (that'd be awesome, right?). So it'd be 3:40 already. I have this whopping headache that makes me wish I'm at home, sleeping. I don't want to go home yet, because I'm leaving awesome friends behind, but I'm comforted by the fact that we're gonna see each other soon.

We're boarding! Awesome!

Cloudy with a chance of love ♥

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