Wednesday, March 17, 2010

you know it's summer if..

1. It's freakin' hot outside. According to Google, it's 29°C here in Tacloban. It rained a while ago, but it didn't last long.The roads are all dried up already due to the blazing heat of the sun. I'm running out of tank tops and shorts to wear everyday because of the heat. Even at night, the aircon in my room doesn't help. Damn, it's so hot.

2. Street halo-halo is sold. It is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice, milk, and an assortment of fruits. Our house is near the market, and come summer, some would put up stands selling halo-halo. It's not the same as restaurant halo-halo, where some ingredients would be nata de coco, kaong, corn, langka, banana, etc. Street halo-halo costs only 10 pesos, and it's mostly ice and milk with a few different colored sago, monggo, and gulaman. It costs less, and so you get less, but it provides the same goal - a reprieve from the heat.

Typical restaurant halo-halo

My 10-peso halo-halo :)

3. Swimsuits are on display at department stores. Ahhh. Swimsuits. My favorite summer attire. I have tons of swimsuits in my closet, and I keep buying more. Not because I love them (well, I do, but not that much), but because I don't want to be wearing the same swimsuits in my pictures. LOL

My new blue Copacabana tankini :)

Couldn't resist another one
Gigi Amore bikini

4. You have plans for a weekend getaway at the beach. This year, it's Coron, Palawan for us. God, I'm so freaking excited. I love the beach, and Coron is just AWESOME!!!

Located on the map :)

Coron, Palawan :)

Isn't the blue awesome? :)


Manju said...

that halo-halo looks soooooooooo good! i want!

Belle ♥ said...

it's so easy to make :)
try one. lol :D

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