Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the best thing about fighting is..

..when you make up.

Lex and I had a fight the other over something silly which blew up to huge proportions. We argued over text the whole night, and got nowhere. We both went to bed mad. The next day, things got worse. We resumed our heated argument and solved nothing. I admit, much of it was my fault, and I already apologized incessantly, but he wouldn't budge. Then he accepted my apology half-heartedly, and I told him not to bother accepting it if he can't accept it wholeheartedly. And I stopped texting him.

A whole day passed and neither of us texted one another - both of us can be very stubborn. Around 6 Pm or so, I finally gave up and texted him if he was still mad at me. We made up, partially. Then he told me to go outside our house. And he was there, holding out the free pouch he got from Pringles. I told him I wanted that pouch when he bought the Pringles, but I forgot to get it from him, then we fought, and well, I don't think he'll be happy if I asked for it in the middle of our fight.

So there he was. Other couples would probably use flowers or chocolates or some other grand gesture, but that was more than enough for me. Suffice to say, we made up.

Oh, how his kisses make me melt. ♥


Leah said...

That's the best part of fighting... the making up. But the fighting process is just too stressful. Glad that everything is okay now. xoxo

Manju said...

making up afterwards is always the sweetest :)

Belle ♥ said...

@ leah: true, super stressful. ^^

@ manju: i know, right? :)

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