Monday, March 22, 2010

i seriously need to get a life.

Or a job. Whichever.

I'm just tired of being a bum; it's as boring as hell. These past days I've done nothing but download the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows - Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, How I Met Your Mother, and In Plain Sight. I'm currently using Smart Bro's Unlisurf 200, and damn, the connection's fast. Faster than Globe Tattoo. Aside from that, I also started playing Hospital Town in Facebook.

Hospital City

Yesterday, Lex and I watched When in Rome. I know the movie got a few bad reviews, but I find it funny and refreshing. The scene with the small car was most hilarious, especially when it fit inside the elevator. Made me want a car like that. LOL And I loved the gown Kristen Bell wore on her sister's wedding, and of course, I adore the different pairs if shoes she wore in the movie.

After watching, we met with Hans outside the grocery and we talked for a while. Then Jojo arrived and we went around the mall. Then we decided to watch Dear John. The adaptation was good, but it's no The Notebook. And they changed some parts of the book, which is a big no-no for me. They do have amazing soundtracks, though.

We went walking around downtown afterwards, then we came to my place. They didn't stay long, though. After they left, I continued downloading the TV shows.

Around 12 or so, I started feeling cramps in my lower abdomen. I knew my period was coming up, so I was kinda prepared for it. What took me by surprise was when I also felt stomach pains aside from the cramps I'm having. As luck would have it, I had LBM. And let me say this: LBM and cramps don't go well together. I was shaking and feeling nauseous from the pain. I tried eating something just so I could drink meds, but all I could eat was one miserable Dunkin Donuts munchkin. I figured one was better than nothing at all, and I took some antiLBM and analgesic. Then I boiled some water to use for my hot compress, and I went to bed feeling like an old sick woman.

Damn, I hate this time of the month.

Edited on 3:10 PM

On second thought, I love this time of the month. It's when I can be a total bitch and whine about life in general and people would be like, "What the hell is wrong with you? Why you being so bitchy?"And I'll answer them with, "PMS." Then they'll be, "Oh. No wonder." LOL

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