Monday, March 8, 2010

it's nice to have girl friends

I've always loved the feeling during a plane takeoff; where one moment you feel the plane taxiing down the runway, gathering speed, and the next moment you're thrown backwards in your seat as the plane suddenly lifts off the ground. I like plane rides. Among the three ways to travel, I like traveling by plane the best; long land trips make my stomach churn, and up until recently, I never liked traveling by boat, especially boat trips that lasts for more than 6 hours.

I woke up today feeling excited, not because I'm going to Manila, but because I'm gonna get to see my friends, whom I haven't seen in a while. We went to the airport around 6 AM, our flight left at exactly 7:40 and We arrived at NAIA one hour after takeoff.

We then took the bus to Fontana, where my Mom and her fellow FFCCWO (Federation of Filipino-Chinese Catholic Women's Organization) were having their convention.

I was supposed to stay with my Mom for two days, but I got bored so I decided to come stay with my friend Anj a day early. I spent only one night in Fontana.

I took a taxi from Fontana to Dau Terminal, then rode a bus to Manila. I can say I'm really proud at myself. It's the first time I commuted from somewhere outside Manila. I only know how to commute within QC and by LRT/MRT. This was certainly a first.

We went to SM Megamall to go see Gaia, because she works there. We walked around, visited the department store (Gaia and I love the department stores in SM, especially the one at SM Makati), then we had dinner at Pizza Hut. We all went home afterward.

Yesterday morning Gaia came over at Anj's place early. We went to MOA after eating lunch and painting our nails and having some girtalk. We bought tickets for Cop Out. Ate at Chiggy's, went to the department store (as per Gaia's request), bought blizzards at Dairy Queen, then went to watch the movie. The movie was hilarious. Tracy Morgan is our new favorite comedian.

After the movie we all went to the grocery to buy some The Bar and some Gatorade. Then we all piled into a taxi and came home.

We spent a very enjoyable night drinking vodka mixed with Royal, Gatorade and mango juice, eating, talking, sharing stories, and making up for the times we hadn't seen each other. It's nice to Jace girlfriends. I haven't laughed so much in a while. We all went to bed feeling happy around midnight.

Cheers to being friends :)

And now I'm all alone here coz they all had to go to work, but I don't mind coz in a few hours I'll be seeing Krissy, who is awesome so our day together demands a post of its own. :)

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