Wednesday, March 10, 2010

how i met Krissy and Ate Cess ♥

Around 5 years ago, I joined Seventeen Sigaw's online forum. I was a member of Candy Mag's Teentalk but it never really clicked with me coz I felt that it was way crowded with too many users. I signed up on Sigaw thinking it'd be the same, but lucky me, it wasn't. There were lots of users, but only a few were really active, and those few welcomed me and became my friends.

It was easier to talk to the people I've never met face to face, it was easier to open up to them and share things - mostly problems, because you'd never have to fear them judging you and acting differently towards you. And the girls I've met online were always a big help - always loaded with advices and comforting words.

For more than 2 years, I've been really active, always posting, visiting the site everyday, sometimes even twice a day. But as my school work mounted up, it became harder for me to check on Sigaw. But the girls never stopped being my friends. We'd connect through texts, Multiply and Friendster before, now we'd be chatting on Facebook and Twitter.

The very first Sigaw Sister I met was Janelle, and we ended up being good friends. We were both from Tacloban, and we both study at the same school. We never see each other before that, because we were on different campuses. But when the Real Campus was transferred to the main one, we bumped into each other by accident, but that was it. The friendship never really started until we ended up in the same section. And the rest, as they say, was history.

The second Sigaw Sis I met personally was Ate Kathy. She wasn't as active as the rest of us, but we chatted in Sigaw. She's from Leyte also, but she was studying at Cebu that time. Then when I was a Level 4 student, she enrolled in Medicine at our school. And that's where we saw each other.

I've been rambling on and on about Sigaw but my title was about how I met Krissy and Ate Cess. Well, here goes.

Krissy's one of my closest Sigaw Sister. We really connected, ans even if we never met each other, I felt as though we've been friends a long time. We made plans to meet, but somehow it always got postponed. Last year, she met with Ate Cess, and I said to myself, next time, I'm gonna meet her. Sooner or later. And fast-forward to the other day.

My Mom had a conference to attend, and I asked if I could go with her. I ended up leaving the conference early, and went to Manila to visit my friends Anj and Gaia (related post here). Days before, I asked Krissy if she was free on Monday, and she was, so we made plans to meet at Megamall.

We met at National Bookstore (she looks thinner in person, and she said the same thing to me), then we walked around while talking. It's funny how we never ran out of things to talk to. And it easy to talk to her - it didn't feel like we met for the first time, it's as if we've been friends for a very long time who haven't saw each other in a while. Then we went to Kenny Roger's to eat lunch. We ate, then waited for Ate Cess to arrive.

Then Ate Cess came! And she doesn't look like she's older than us. She's so cute! We then went to Starbucks where Ate Cess treated us to some drinks.

If only Ate Cess didn't have to go back to work, we all would have spent the whole day together. But she did, so Krissy and I walked her to the taxi stand and said our goodbyes with her.

Of course, Krissy and I stayed, and we went to the department store where we both bought new undies, plus a new bag for me. Then we went to Dairy Queen for something cold - we ordered 2 9 0z Blizzards (Choco Chip for me, and Brownie Temptation for her) because we thought we'd be bitin with the 6 oz. Turns out, we should've ordered the smaller one! We had a hard time finishing the ice cream. Lol

We walked around some more, we went to the Beauty Section because Krissy can't get enough of make-ups, and the Ladies' Section at the department store (where we saw awesome dresses we couldn't afford to buy that day).

Then I had to rush to Mall of Asia to meet my Mom, which ended the awesome day I had with Krissy. I truly enjoyed that day, and hopefully we could do it again. I also couldn't wait to meet the rest of the girls I met in Sigaw! ♥

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